I’ve been inspired to start a photo project.

I’m going to buy 5-10 disposable cameras and send them around the country through family and you guys!

I want the recipients to document their October with the camera. After the month is over, send it back to me. I will develop the film. I want to see…

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Sunday Auts ❤️


PYRAMID FLYBY — An American B-1B bomber leads a package of coalition fighter jets over the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt in 1999 during joing opertaion Bright Star 99/00. Joining the B-1B were as follows: From Egypt, an F-4, F-16, Mig-21, and Alpha Jet; a Greek F-16; a French Mirage-5 and Mirage-2000; an Italian AMX; ; two U.S. Marine Corp F/A-18s and a Harrier; and a U.S. Navy F-14.

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The Clash

you can see the notes on the neck of paul’s bass

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my dads flat has an alright view, I guess it’s okay

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